Our Products

We are proud to sell and install a variety of top quality heating and cooling equipment from the best brands. You can find more details of the products we offer below.

How we choose the best equipment

We believe not only in providing reliable and ethical service, but also the best equipment for your needs.

We have spent years installing, maintaining, and researching the absolute best heating and cooling equipment available. And we will never install anything in your home or business that we wouldn’t put in ours. We believe the equipment we choose should:

We want to save you money, but also frustration that often comes with owning a heating and air system. And we’ve worked with the brands below and believe they are some of the best around. Get in touch with us today to discuss the best options for you.


Your thermostat is the main control panel for your system, and the right thermostat can actually help you save energy and control your heating and cooling costs. We offer a variety of thermostats from Emerson and Honeywell, including some amazing smart thermostat options. Click the links below to find out more.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

Choosing the right furnace and air condition unit is extremely important when installing or upgrading your system. It's important to use equipment that is highly efficient, while also excellent quality and reputation. We are proud to sell and install a full selection of equipment from Coleman. Click the link below to find out more.


A boiler system is a highly energy efficient method of heating your home, with a more consistent temperature and having less energy loss than forced air systems. But you need to have a high quality system that is properly installed. We offer boilers from Lochinvar and Peerless. Click the links below to find out more.


Mini-splits let you provide each room a unique temperature control, while being powered from a central system. This means you only use energy in the rooms you are using, and everyone is comfortable. We offer a full selection of quality mini-splits from Fujitsu. Click the link below to find out more.

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