Services We Offer

Leach Heating and Cooling specializes in finding the best climate control solution for your home or business. Below is an overview of what we can do for you.

What makes us different?

We believe it is our duty and a privilege to serve our customers. We aren’t in the business of misleading you or selling you things you don’t need. We’ll meet with you at no cost, and with no pressure, to help you decide what options are best for you.

FREE In-Home Estimates

We’ll come to your home and discuss your needs at no cost, and we’ll give you an up-front estimate of cost, again, at no charge.

FREE System Evaluations

We’ll diagnose your current system to determine which options are available, and let you know how to make it more efficient, without cost to you.

FREE Second Opinions

If you’ve received a previous estimate or opinion, but would like us to provide additional insight or options, we’ll do so for no cost.

Flexible Payment Plan

We know that new systems can sometimes cost more than you are ready to spend. So we’ll work with you to come up with a payment plan that works.

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Upgrade and Replacement

It has been estimated that a third of the energy used in the United States is used to heat and cool buildings. When you upgrade or replace your system to a properly designed and installed heating and air conditioning system, you may see a huge impact on your energy costs.

Leach & Company Heating and Cooling specializes in taking your old system and finding ways to save you energy, whether that means upgrading your current system or replacing it with a new, more efficient system.

Heating Boiler Replacement- Leach Heating and Cooling
We replaced this 65% efficient, 50 year old Burnham boiler with a new 95% efficient Lochinvar boiler.
Heating and Cooling, HVAC Repair

System Repair

Sometimes, things can go wrong and you are left without a fully-working HVAC system. While this can be stressful, Leach & Co Heating and Cooling has the tool, equipment, and experience necessary to get your system up and running again fast.

Don’t let an HVAC emergency ruin your home experience. We’ll make it a priority to get things back to normal immediately, so get in touch with us and we’ll help you make yourself at home again quickly.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your HVAC system running properly, it’s important to keep it properly maintained and tuned. This leads to ongoing energy savings and a lower chance of system breakdown, meaning less repairs during the life of your system.

We can take care of all your regular maintenance and tune-ups, and will make sure your system is always running at top efficiency.

HVAC Maintenance

Have a need not listed here?

This page is meant to give an overview of the most common services we offer. But we are able to address custom needs as well. If you have specific needs with your heating and cooling system, or the quality of your air, we hope you’ll get in touch. Chances are, we offer what you are needing. We look forward to hearing from you!